The only requirement to use Azu is the Crystal Language itself

Bigger applications

In order to build a full-featured Azu application, you will need a few dependencies installed.

  • the Crystal Programming Language - installation instruction can be found here

  • Shards command line tool for package management (Installed by default with Crystal installation)

  • a database - Azu recommends PostgreSQL but you can pick others or not use a database at all

  • Node.js for assets - which can be opt-out, especially if you are building APIs

Azu Installation

  1. Add the dependency to your shard.yml:

        github: azutoolkit/azu
  2. Run shards install


At the end of this section, you must have installed Crystal, Shards, PostgreSQL and Node.js. Now that we have everything installed, let's define our first Azu application.

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